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A2 Milk Health Benefits

What is A1 And A2 Milk? -
  • Casein makes up about 80% of total Protein milk.
  • Two common forms are A1 beta-casein and A2 beta-casein.
  • Milk from foreign breeds (Jersey, Holstein Fresian-HF etc) contain A1 Protein.
  • Milk from desi Indian cow breeds (Gir, Kankrej, Sahiwal etc) contain A2 Protein.
  • Effects of A1 milk - Presence of amino acid i.e. BCM7 in milk makes it harmful for consumption. And it can cause diseases like Types-1 diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases (IHD), Digestive disorders.
    Benefits of A2 milk - A2 milk is consisting of the best combination omega fats is good for human health and indian breed gir cows are giving best quality A2 milk for human consumption. Gir cow milk is the most nutritional milk among A2 milk Milk with a2 protein on contrary is known to have several helth benifits and also prevents obesity among children’s and adults, improves brain functions, promotes digestion and increases breast milk production in feeding mothers The native cow milk is sweet in taste and has coolant effect on body and mind it improve ojas which is cosidered as the factor restosible for the imunity of the body A2 cow milk nourishes the body tissues and act as natural aphrodisiac a2 cow milk rejuvenates and increases life expectancy while improving intelligence and body strength.
  • Increases immunity and detoxifies body.
  • Prevents obesity among children and adults.
  • Improves brain function and memory power.
  • Promote digestion and reduces acidity.
  • Prevents joint pain, asthma and migraine headache.
  • Best for skin, heart, teeth, bones & Muscles.
  • Helps prevent Cancer, Type-2 diabetes, Thyroid etc.
  • Zero Adulteration
  • Directly fed from Own farms.
  • Free from pesticides, antibiotics, synthetic hormones.
  • Free from cancer producing agents like urea, detergent, liquid formaldehyde etc.
  • Why gir amrit? -
  • Our cows follow the natural feeding/ grazing in forest
  • Their calves drink there stomach full of milk up to age of months nine till they start eating grasess
  • We dont use artificial insemination for breeding of our cow
  • We are not using any chemicals at our farm to keep our cows and uar cosumers healty
  • The happier cows are the more healthy the milk and naturally more omega 3s means best nutrition for our gir amrit familly

  • A1 VS A2

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